Committed to Safety

Werner Construction, Inc., (WCI) is committed to maintaining a safe work environment and a safety-minded culture that ensures the health and well-being of our employees and the general public in all locations where we work.

Safety policies, programs and procedures

Keeping safety as a top priority within our company. Weekly safety meetings offer an opportunity for employees to share and discuss safety ideas, and to learn about or reinforce safety-related topics.

The WCI Safety Committee, an open forum to discuss safety issues, includes employees representing each of our construction crews and operational groups.

We also provide specific training for employees to gain a solid, functional understanding of equipment operations, road construction operations, sand & gravel operations, First Aid, CPR, Traffic Control, supervisory functions, EOE, Affirmative Action, as well as many other subjects.

In addition to employee safety, our focus is to achieve full compliance with all regulatory obligations applicable to the company.

At WCI, all employees are expected to accept responsibility for their safety and to be an advocate for the safety of their co-workers and the public. If hazardous conditions or actions occur in the workplace, each employee is encouraged to report such matters immediately to their supervisor or safety representative for resolution.